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Check out our licensing page! We represent Chu-Fin Music and Minaret Records as well as Southern Americana Music. Some of our successes are posted on the site ... we are adding new placements all the time... we can supply the master and the publishing in most all of our offerings. 

Our Feature this week from Spain's Soul 4 Real Records, This is the fabulous Jimmy Gresham! This is Jimmy's 3rd release on the Soul 4 Real label. These tracks all came from the Playground Vaults. We started " A Million Things"  with a bass and drum with Jimmy's vocals..these were recorded in early 80's. Clayton came up with a great guitar part and Alex from Soul 4 Real decides he wants Memphis horns and strings. Scott Bomar and team helped us out and to top it off Jimmy's sister Mary, also a soul artist did backing vox in the Shoals. It was mastered in France and released in Spain. SOUL 4 REAL  

Parks would say... WORLDWIDE Baby! One Step at a time 

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From Boggy bayou swaMps

  • CLEVER DEVILS Big Water - CD
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The BigWater story is on the back of the CD card. These are simply some songs we like, some we wrote, some we didn't. We had the idea of using some of the great songs from Finley Duncan's Playground catalogs and other songs from our friends Dan Penn, Phil Lee, Jimbo Mathis and more. We have some unique and talented musicians that contribute to this project..special thanks to Fred & Cynthia Dumulot, Tom Latenzer, David Adkins, Duane May, Hal Newman, David Adkins and Bobby Maxwell. $11.00 will include shipping.. Thanks Friends and neighbors

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PRSX Rude Attitude - CD
  • PRSX Rude Attitude - CD
  • PRSX Rude Attitude - CD
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$11.00 and we will ship it right out!

anti everything rock from 1967-1971 These guys played on all of the Playground Hits... County, Blues, Funk.. it didn't to matter these guys. They could play it all as referenced by the Minaret Catalog! This is what they did in the middle of the night when they thought no one was looking

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