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                       Thanks for checking out Playground Records, you'll be glad you did!

    Jim Lancaster production services are also offered.. call for info

Jim Lancaster current alias “Chief BigWater”, whose multi-genre musical background includes associations with Jim Dickinson, The Replacements, Toots Hibbard, Dan Penn, David Allen Coe, Willie Mitchell, Johnny Vincent, Alex Chilton, Waylon Jennings and many more, including local acts "The WaCo Ramblers, LaRue McKinney, Heritage, Redd and Wilbur Walton Jr.. BigWater, in 2007 released “Soul Resurrection” The Playground Series Volume One, on the Southern Americana label to critical acclaim. “Resurrection” is a compilation of soul material recorded at Playground by previous owner Finley Duncan and restored by the Chief.

If you need musicians

we offer the services of the finest musicians in our area for all musical genres!

Work at home and then
Complete your project at home Then Send your masters or your files to PRS for professional Mixing, mastering and prep for Replication, including art!
We can accept virtually any music format from tape to hard drive to disk AND you can even drop your files on our iDisk and we can download your files. Prices of this vary depending on how well you present your files.. but we'll have one of our hot dog engineers professionally prepare mixes to your specifications.. master the final product and make ready for manufacturing. Our AWARD winning graphics arts team can also assemble your jacket and label design for you.. For more info email or call PRS @ 850-259-6424.. you might have to leave a message....

We realize that the best music never gets recorded, the best songs never heard, and the best recordings never get released. We also realize that part of the reason for this is that recording is sometimes cost prohibitive. At Playground Records  we try and work with anyone who has a genuine talent in songwriting and performing. If you have something that you feel has to be heard please feel free to give us a call. It is our goal to unite the studios, artists and performers from our area. If you have something that we consider to be timeless material, we are more than happy to work with you towards your artistic goals.

Playground Recording Studio History

We no longer own Playground Recording Studio but leave this description on for the sake of remembrance !!

 PRS is located at 101 Westview Ave. Valparaiso, Florida. Our facility sits on Plat #1 in between the waters of Toms Bayou and Boggy Bayou.Our recording room is 50x 30 with 22' ceilings. It contains 3 iso booths, two are large and one is small. We normally record the drums in the open room.

Our control room is 13 x 22 with 10 high angled ceiling. It is equipped with a Neve 8232 analog console and a Sony APR 24 track analog tape recorder. For computer recording, we have interfaced our analog system with 16 I/O of ProTools 8.0 and 24 I/O of Digital Performer.

Our office is located adjacent to the studio and is equipped with high speed internet, large flat screen TV, 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, bath and laundry room.

We also offer the use of a dock for fishing and boating. We may be contacted by phone at 850-678-6934. Below is a list of services that we offer in Valparaiso.

We offer 24 Trk analog recording as well as digital recording via ProTools 8.0 or Digital Performer 5.1. We can record your project from start to finish including overdubs. editing and mixing. 
We can also take digital recordings that you have recorded in your home studio and load the tracks via cd/dvd/hardrive into Pro tools or Digital Performer and then do final overdubs and mixing. 
Many of our clients come in to Track drums in our large room and return to their home studios to overdub. Many come back to mix and master the final completed project. 
We can transfer analog master tapes to the digital domain. Transfers include 2 -24 Track, 
2 -16 Track, 4 Track, and  2 Track. Pricing depends on the condition of the tape. 
We offer production services by several different engineer/ producers. This is specifically if you need guidance with your project. Production pricing can vary depending on program content to choice of producer 
We accept masters in all forms, analog and digital for remixing. We also can remix your home projects through our professional gear for a more professional result.

We operate four publishing companies at Playground. We can assist you in licensing affiliation and copyrights. We regularly send material to established artists who are in the process of recording. This means we are constantly seeking material from songwriters for our publishing companies.

We also record demos for songwriters groups.

we can assemble a rhythm section (musicians who work together in the studio on a regular basis) for you or we can get a single musician to overdub on your existing project. Need a fiddle player or a String section? Musician costs can vary depending on the player and whether you are tracking or overdubbing.

Analog and digital recording.

Production services and musicians available